Earth Coincidence Co-ordination Office

Ananda in the Italian recording studio, April 2007, where he recorded the vocals for his 432Hz song ECCO — a new kind of trance-classical-tribal tune, that is a unique new style of its own.

Ananda’s lead vocals have an 1980s rock touch for the chorus.

Singing together with Italian Jazz/Opera and now Ambient star, Flavia Vallega. Within this song, she sings in a spontaneous language with an African voice.

ECCO’s 144bpm tempo, has the wide arrangement of classical drums giving a sense of a slower shamanic trance 72 bpm.

On the same occasion recording the vocals of his Award Winning 432Hz ambient classic, “LOVE-STAARA” (awarded January 2008); its 72bpm and Numinous Love story lyrics has become an all-time classic and favorite.

And putting voice to the lyrics of his new classical  432Hz ambient song, “Atharvan”, with an 108bpm tempo — an unique combination of classical instruments with strong bass, and ambient-classical trip hip song, pushing several boundaries in terms of unique style combination, with Venusian vocals.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008